Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Review by Mark Mayes of "Zod of Zodbury Hall" by Sam Shepherd, illustrated by Catherine Beaumont

A delightful follow-up to On the Couch: A Bohemian Terrier, this is a perfect blend between story and illustration. Our hero, Zod, is getting up to all sorts of mischief, while the cook is sleeping, and his Mistress and Master are otherwise occupied. 

This book is funny and memorable, and will be entrancing to children, and certainly a good number of adults - of which I am one. Zod is not a bad pooch, but he causes more than his share of disruption. He is quickly bored, and knows what he wants and that he wants it NOW! - much to the chagrin of the gardener and the long-suffering cook.

The illustrations are bursting with motion and vibrancy - beautifully chosen colours, and energetic lines. One of my favourites was a precipitous view down a spiral staircase. The text does just enough, with admirable simplicity and restraint, to convey the mayhem this little dog is causing. Towards the end, the technique of reiterating Zod's catalogue of chaos is deftly handled. 

Zod might be described as 'high-maintenance,' but he has clearly won his Mistress's heart for keeps, and can really do no wrong.

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Mark Mayes loves to read, and occasionally he reviews books on Amazon and Goodreads. He also enjoys writing - mainly fiction, poems, and songs. 

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