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Welcome to our review blog, Everybody's Reviewing, which is run in conjunction with Everybody's Reading Festival in Leicester.

As the title suggests, we invite reviews of books and events from anyone and everyone, whether from Leicester, the U.K. or the world. This is a democratic review website, where all readers' opinions matter. The aim is to provide a platform on which all share the pleasure of fiction, non-fiction and poetry on the page and in performance. We want to celebrate good books and enjoyable events. Because of this, we publish positive reviews, not destructive or negative ones. We do not use star ratings or give scores. 

So whether you're experienced reviewer or a novice, please do consider submitting a review of a book you have read, or an event you have experienced recently.

Reviews should be short (average around 300 words), and should be emailed (with a short biography of the reviewer) to everybodysreviewing (at) gmail.com

Looking forward to reading your reviews!

Jonathan Taylor
Alexandros Plasatis
Charles Wheeler
... and others.

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  1. Hello, my name is Polly. I'm local and have review copies of my debut, 'What If I Go?'available. The read is especially relevant to students and those away from home.
    See previous reviews of this empowering read here http://amzn.to/2zD33rT
    Any reviewers please ask for a PDF or paperback.
    Thanks for your interest.