Thursday 1 October 2015

Review by Sara Bernardi of “Divergent” by Veronica Roth

It was a fortunate moment when I started reading Divergent. Indeed, I was living in England at the time, and I had the chance to spare some time to visit a town near Leicester, where I was living. And it was by train that I wanted to travel.

It was a period of changes for me: I had been living on my own, far from my country and I had just decided to travel alone to visit some place.

So I was in Birmingham train station, waiting for my train and I decided to buy a book to read during the waiting and the travelling. I was looking at the titles and then I saw it. I had seen the movie just two months ago, and I liked it, so I said to myself, “Why not?” And I must say, it was worth it.

The story is set in a dystopian world, and the first volume of the series is basically about feeling different from the others and the will to change, and this for me meant a lot.

I had never travelled alone, and also I had never been far from home or lived on my own, but I decided to be more independent and, as the character of the book, those things made me very strong.

So it has been the perfect reading for travelling, both while I had been waiting for the train and during the travelling.

I would really recommend it.

About the reviewer
Sara Bernardi was born in Italy and studied Dentistry at the University of L’Aquila. She is currently a 3rd year PhD student and had lived in England for 4 months in 2014 as a visiting PhD Student at DMU.

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