Monday 3 February 2020

Review by Sofya and Reuben, aged 8 of “Believe it or Not” by The Navigator.

In our story, we found out that a T-Rex is as tall as a double-decker bus, which is 4m tall and 12.8m wide! 
Susan Hendrikson was part of a team of fossil hunters who were looking for dinosaur bones on a farm in South Dakota, America. One day, the team found a dead horse on the farm.
A few days later, the fossil hunters’ truck got a flat tyre, some members of the group took the truck into town to get the tyre mended. But Susan Hendrikson decided that she would walk over to Mr Williams’ farm to have a look around. Susan looked closely at the cliffs on Mr Williams, farm. She saw a small pile of bones lying at the bottom of one of the cliffs. 
Susan knew that these bones must have come from a very big animal. She took one of the bones back to the dig side, and showed them to them to the rest of the team. They pieced the bones together to form ‘Sue’s’ (a T-Rex) skeleton, which is now on display at the museum of Natural History in Chicago.
It was a good book because we like T-Rex’s. It was interesting because we learnt something we didn’t know. We liked when their tyre went flat it was a bit funny then. It was interesting, when they told us about the double decker bus and the T-Rex. 

By Sofya and Reuben aged 8.

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  1. Very well written review. What a lucky find! Well done Sofya & Ruben.