Monday 27 January 2020

Review by Dylan and Zach, aged 8 of “Rhode Island Roy” by Rose Impey.

Rhode Island Roy is a really good book because it is funny and it is about a rooster called Roy. When he hatched out of his egg, he was by far the ugliest rooster in the entire universe. During the book, Roy killed some cats, damaged a dog ,head butted a horse, wrestled a rhino, kidnapped a cow, gunned down a goat, and tangled with a tiger .
If some turkeys or bantams were looking for trouble, they would pick on him. At the start of the book it said, “wanted Roy100$ reward”. We think Roy lives in America  in a desert. Roy even had a bet who could curse the worst. We don’t know why a rooster would have a pistols. 
At the end Roy started to cry because Larry said ”you look ugly I bet you don’t have any friends”.  But then they became best friends.
We liked Larry because he was brave and went up to the roughest rooster in the world, which is Roy, and made him cry. Him and Larry became good friends and Roy was happy. I recommend this book to year 3 children because it was a good book but a bit easy for us.

By Dylan and Zach aged 8.


  1. Well done zach. Great explaining of the story. Sounds like a very good story.