Sunday 4 October 2015

Review by Hesmita Patel of Dips Patel’s unnamed series paintings

Untitled. Oil on Canvas (40” x 30”) 2009

Having seen some of the previous figure work in the unnamed series by Dips Patel, I was excited and honoured that he offered to create a one off unique piece for me.

Untitled. Pen and Indian Ink on Canvas (60” x 24”) 2012

Looking at this piece it is easy to overlook the complexities depicted within the perceived simplicity of the figures. When I look at this piece I am drawn to the emotions that I feel each individual figure appears to represent. The slight tilt of a head showing me sadness, two figures facing each other showing me friendship and love and two back to back figures showing anger and frustration. I feel that you can look at this piece in a range of different moods and find a figure that you can relate to at that specific moment in time, demonstrating the subjective nature of this work.

Untitled. Pen and Indian Ink on Canvas (40” x 35”) 2014

Each time I look at it I notice new intricacies and have new thoughts about the work. The fading of the figures into the background adds another level of depth and the perception of infinity, perhaps also representing the infinite amount of emotions one can displace onto the figures.

About the reviewer
Hesmita Patel has recently qualified as an Occupational Therapist, embarking upon her career in sunny Manchester. She likes baking, reading, occasionally running quite far for charitable causes and has been known to worship at the altar of fizzy cola bottles, having converted from the Church of Strawberry Laces.

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