Sunday 2 October 2016

Review by Kim Hamilton of “The Penguin Lessons: What I Learned from a Remarkable Bird” by Tom Michell

Tom Michell, a British man in his early 20’s, sets off to Argentina in the 1970s for adventure. Taking a teaching position with a prestigious all-boys school, he never expects that his greatest friend in South America will be a Magellanic penguin. Affectionately known as Juan Salvador, or Juan Salvado by his closest friends, this remarkable true story about a young man and his penguin friend will leave you smiling, laughing and possibly in tears.

The human relationships with animals and nature will stir your emotions, and make you question the impact mankind has had on both the environment and the creatures around us. A brilliant, heartfelt story for anyone who has ever shared their heart with a furry, or feathered friend. 

Spoiler alert:
There is also a REAL video of Juan the penguin!

About the reviewer
Kim Hamilton is a Canadian who studied Contour Fashion at DMU, Leicester, and now lives in Germany where she designs lingerie that compliments the fuller figure. Right now she would kill for a Lebanese Shawarma.   

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