Friday 1 July 2022

Review by Carolyn Ruane of "The Card" by Arnold Bennett, adapted by Deborah McAndrew, with the Claybody Theatre

I went to the opening night of this new adaptation of Arnold Bennett's novel, The Card, adapted by Deborah McAndrew, with the Claybody Theatre in Fenton Town Hall, Stoke-on-Trent.

The show is stupendous. Gareth Cassidy is amazing as Denry Machin. The part that amused me most was Howard Chadwick playing Mrs Machin; he was hilarious. 

The singing and dancing are preformed very well. It was slick. No first night nerves! The way the cast go out of one door, and then reappear through another door with a change of clothes is fabulous. 

The canal scene is done really well: you really feel worried about the water coming in. It's believable. The runaway horse is great and again you feel the action. 

The fact most of the cast play multiple parts does work really well. 

About the reviewer
Carolyn Ruane is from Stoke on Trent. She is a keen member of the Arnold Bennett Society. She enjoys plays at the theatre and is an avid reader. 

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