Tuesday 4 February 2020

Review by Esme, aged 8 and John and Harry, aged 9 of “Roy the Rooster” by Rose Impey.

It was brilliant we all loved it! 
Roy the rooster was very ugly. He was the ugliest in the world when he hatched and near the middle, he said to himself that he was lonely and had no friends.
Everybody stayed inside when Roy was around. Everybody made fun of him. They said, ‘you look like a bad dream,’ and ‘how can anyone be that ugly?’
Soon Roy had a reputation. Roy was the boss of the town and he was a bully to everyone. But some turkeys wanted trouble. Roy couldn’t run back to his ranch, he could only hide behind a horse or run as far as he can. 
One day, he decided he wanted to go out fishing and he would like to stop fighting. He wanted a nice quiet life.
People said that he wrestled rhinos. Mothers told their children you better be good or Roy the rooster will get you everyone was scared of him so everyone kept well away from him but Our favourite part was when he became the nicest rooster in town because he wasn’t nice at the start and he was nice at the end. 
Roy was happier when he was nice, and he met new friends. It actually had a nice happy ending.

By Esme (aged 8) John and Harry (aged 9) thank you for reading this book review.

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  1. Well done Esme, Harry and John very good review, could really tell how much you enjoyed it.