Saturday 1 February 2020

Review by Gia, aged 8 and Amaana, aged 9 of “The Creakers” by Tom Fletcher.

We both really liked the book because it has lots of detail and is really different to other books we have read. It was good because it started sad then ended happy. It   wasn’t like normal princess books.
This story is about a girl called Lucy whose parents went missing, which was very upsetting. Then, every other child on their lane lost their parents too. All the children made lots of mess in all the houses and on the street. They even threw toilet paper on the trees. 
Lucy investigates and tries to find the parents. Under the bed she finds the Woleb    which is from the world of the Creakers. Everywhere is upside down. Could this be where the parents have disappeared to?
Lucy and Norman create a plan rescue their parents. Will their plan work? Read the book to find out.
Lucy Dungston is my favourite character because she investigates and tries to find the parents. Norman Quirk is also good because he is very smart and neat and he has lots of badges from scouts.
We recommend this book because it is adventurous and it’s very funny.
Welcome to the mysterious world under your bed! 

By Gia and Amaana aged 8 and 9

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