Saturday 25 January 2020

Review by Immy, aged 9 of “Gangsta Granny” by David Walliams.

I think Gangsta Granny is the perfect book for most ages. It’s great because it’s funny and adventurous. 
Gran is my favourite character because she is very interesting, funny and you can really have a good laugh at her. My favourite part is when Granny and Ben go through the River Thames sewer and Granny acts like it is normal when they see the rats! Gran likes to play board games but is nothing like a normal granny!  
Gangsta Granny is about a granny who likes to eat cabbage soup (this made her trumps smell like cabbage) and her grandson Ben who stayed overnight at her house on a dark Friday night. In the night, in the kitchen, he found a biscuit tin full of secrets. Ben realised Gran is an international jewellery thief.
At school, at show and tell, Ben never has good stories because with his parents he never goes anywhere fun. However, one day he goes on a robbery with gran to steal the Queen’s crown. 
Will this give him a good story at show and tell?   
If you read this book, you will never think of grannies the same again     
By Immy age 9                                                                                          

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