Wednesday 22 January 2020

Review by Leila, aged 9 and Charlotte, aged 8, of “The Gift” by Kathryn White.

The Gift is a brilliant book.
We both really enjoyed this book, as it was really interesting and fun. It was about a girl named Tia. Tia was given a magical Egyptian mirror for her birthday. The mirror was bright and new to her but to her Mum and Nan, it’s the old beaten up mirror but they were happy that she saw it that way.
A few days later, Tia was supposed to meet up with her new friend, Esther but instead she got pulled into the mirror and found herself in a secret burial chamber. All of a sudden all of the lights turned off and a man was standing in front of her. He looked after the burial chamber. His name was Sahure and he cut into Tia’s hand then the Queen/ Pharaoh Ahmose came to help Tia to get up.
Then Tia saw a girl that looked like Esther her new friend it was so, so, so weird. 
A few weeks later, Sahure told them they were in danger! They ran outside and sat in the chariot and a mad thing happened… Sahure kicked them off and said “Now the crocodiles won’t be hungry!” 
They went through some really hard times but their God, Amon, guided them back to the place where they found their friends that took them to a secret village. That night was pretty sad as Tia had to leave but they lived normally like nothing ever happened.
We both really liked the part where Tia got home to her mum and gran after the adventure because it was a nice happy part in the story. We were happy for Tia and that everything worked out in the end. We would really recommend this book.

By Leila and Charlotte aged 9 and 8