Friday 24 January 2020

Review by Rudy and Mia, aged 9, of “The Worst Witch” by Jill Murphy.

This book is about a girl called Mildred Hubble and she finds everything tricky. Her best friend Maud always supports Mildred. She also has a different type of cat than the rest because the rest were black and her tabby is stripy grey. 
Halloween was celebrated in a castle not far from the school. Mildred’s class were picked to do a broom formation team but Mildred’s broom was broken so she had Ethel’s broom. But Ethel put a spell on the broom, so Mildred fell off it when they were doing their broom formation. Everyone wasn’t surprised that Mildred fell off her broomstick.
That night Mildred ran off because she thought she would get told off because she fell off her broom. Mildred ran into the forest with her cat Tabby. She heard a noise then found terrible witches making a spell to turn the whole school into frogs. 
Do you think Mildred will come back to the school and tell Miss Cackle? Or do you think she will keep it a secret? Read the book to find out.
We would both recommend this book. It would be good for year 4 boys and girls to read.

By Rudy and Mia (Aged 9).


  1. Brilliant review both. Loved reading it. Well done.

  2. I will try to read it sounds good Ruby and Mia