Thursday 23 January 2020

Review by Niamh, aged 9 and Sadie, aged 8 of “Tiger Hunt” by Judy Waite

Tiger hunt is a really good book we both liked it. 

Sadie liked that the ending was a surprise and Niamh liked that Cathy Moon was being nice to Tiger and was looking after it. We liked that there was a happy ending.

The story is about a little boy called Eddie who though he saw a tiger when he was looking out of the window at school. Everyone ran to the window, but her teacher wasn’t happy.

At playtime and lunchtime Becky and Eddie searched in the woods for the tiger. At lunch they spotted something orange and stripy…

Read the book until the end to find out what the surprise is!

By Niamh and Sadie, aged 9 and 8.

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